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From Megabytes to Brontobytes: A Big Data Infographic.

The amount of data is growing at such an explosive rate that we have gone past the ordinary decimal system. Today, American organisations like NSA and FBI are talking about Yottabytes regarding the information they have of citizens. In the (near) future we will talk about BrontoBytes regarding sensory data. Therefore, new terms have been defined for the upcoming data flood that is expected in the next five years:

Fog Computing is Vital for a Successful Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a remarkable transformation of the way in which our world will soon interact. Much like the World Wide Web connected computers to networks, and the next evolution connected people to the Internet and other people, the IoT looks poised to interconnect devices, people, environments, virtual objects and machines in ways that only science fiction writers could have imagined. In a nutshell the Internet of Things (IoT) is the convergence of connecting people, things, data

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Kickstart the Internet of Things

The possibilities that IoT brings to the table are endless. IoT continues its run as one of the most popular technology buzzwords of the year, and now the new phase of IoT is pushing everyone to ask hard questions about the data collected by all devices and sensors of IoT. IoT will produce a tsunami of big data, with the rapid expansion of devices and sensors connected to the Internet of Things continues, the sheer volume of data being created

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IoT Won’t Work Without Artificial Intelligence.

AS THE INTERNET of Things (IoT) continues its run as one of the most popular technology buzzwords of the year, the discussion has turned from what it is, to how to drive value from it, to the tactical: how to make it work. IoT will produce a treasure trove of big data – data that can help cities predict accidents and crimes, give doctors real-time insight into information from pacemakers or biochips, enable optimized productivity across industries through predictive maintenance

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Giuseppe Porcaro: Democracy in the age of the Internet of Things.

With the release of Swipe the Vote in spring 2016, Tinder, the ultimate hook-up app, broke new ground in the United States by claiming to be able to match young voters with their dream-perfect presidential candidate. The matchmaking app tries to make voting sexy by employing to representative politics its same cut-to-the-chase dating method. Who wants to read up on candidates’ policies, attend rallies or even watch a debate? You just want to jump into the bed of democracy with the

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Iot News

A Delta Air Lines employee attaches a tag with an embedded radio frequency identification device to luggage at Baltimore–Washington International Airport. The airline plans to operate RFID scanners at 84 airports by the end of the year, including Los Angeles International. (Delta Air Lines) The days when airlines lose luggage, creating travel headaches for passengers, could be numbered. Airlines could dramatically reduce the number of bags that are mishandled if they add tiny radio frequency devices to their luggage tags.

What is the industrial Internet of Things?

Nowadays, the term, the Industrial Internet of Things, has become increasingly more pervasive in the context of industry as digitization has become a business priority for many organizations. So what is the Industrial Internet of Things? The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as the Industrial Internet, brings together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people at work. It’s the network of a multitude of devices connected by communications technologies that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and

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Using artificial intelligence in the Internet of Things

Internet of Things, in short IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are few buzzwords you must’ve been seeing on social networking sites every now and then. Before we shed light on their importance in the 21st century and how they are interrelated, allow us to briefly explain what IoT and AI mean. Internet of Things (IoT): Imagine a house with multiple objects which you use every day. If you connect all those devices over a network thereby allowing them to exchange

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The Internet of Things market is fragmented, amorphous, and continually changing, and its very nature requires more than the usual attention to interoperability. It’s not surprising then, that open source has done quite well here — customers are hesitant to bet their IoT future on a proprietary platform that may fade or become difficult to customize and interconnect. In this second entry in a four-part series about open source IoT, I have compiled a guide to major open source software projects, focusing

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Internet Of Things!

5 Awesome Internet of Things Project Ideas Posted by jbilecsu in Internet of Things on Dec 11, 2014 7:59:15 AM Internet of Things  (IoT) – It’s in the media. Earlier this year, World Finance reported a $40bn price tag on Songdo – an IoT Smart City purpose-built by the government of South Korea.  For our element14 2014 community awards, IoT was voted as one of the top trending technologies in 2014.  We often talk about the Gartner prediction of 26 billion IoT-enabled devices in the world by 2020.  Well, that’s

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