Using artificial intelligence in the Internet of Things

Internet of Things, in short IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are few buzzwords you must’ve been seeing on social networking sites every now and then. Before we shed light on their importance in the 21st century and how they are interrelated, allow us to briefly explain what IoT and AI mean.
Internet of Things (IoT):
Imagine a house with multiple objects which you use every day. If you connect all those devices over a network thereby allowing them to exchange information between themselves (i.e send and receive data) it’s nothing but IoT. To put it in simple words, connecting multiple objects over a network by establishing a means of communication to exchange data. Here, we used a house with multiple objects to explain the concept but, in reality, anything tech can be connected to a network. Smartphones, automobiles, and even cities. In fact, the possibilities are endless.
Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Before we explain about Artificial Intelligence, it’s important for you to know what a rational agent is? In simple terms, the major functionality of a rational agent is to select an optimal outcome from all the possible and practical outcomes. A rational agent can be any of the following: a firm, person, software, or even a machine.
As the name itself suggests, the intelligence showcased by a rational agent (machines or software) to improve the success rate by offering better decision making is termed as Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence plus Internet of Things:
Internet of Things, in the process of exchanging data, generates large volumes of data. It would be next to impossible for humans to extract small and useful details (knowledge) from these huge sets of data since it consumes large amounts of time. That’s where AI comes in. Data generated, when combined with Artificial Intelligence allows for predictive analysis and automation thereby making life easier.
Amazon can be considered as a good example, for instance, whenever you shop at Amazon, it observes your shopping patterns and suggests you with other related products you may be interested in.
Entertainment apps like Spotify and Netflix also pretty much do the same, they observe your previous interests and depending on them, they recommend you with similar music and movies respectively.
Both the technologies, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are growing rapidly. However, there are few potential threats, security is one of them. With the increase in data, the onus of protecting this valuable information from hackers is also increased. Data, in wrong hands, can prove out to be very damaging even for an individual or for an organisation.
Although both the technologies, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are not yet fully matured, with the pace they are currently growing, things will be entirely different from what they are right now five years down the line. Are you excited about the future? We can’t wait to see what else these technologies will bring to the table.

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